1. Susan

From the recording Susan

Story Behind The Song
Susan Lim sang with the band, The Crescendos, one of Singapore top bands in the sixties.  The band comprised of John Lee, Leslie Chia and Raymond Ho ( later joined by Israel Lim and Peter Soh ).  They released their first single in 1963.  Susan was only 16 years old.  They had hits such as "Mr Twister ", " Silver Threads and Golden Needles ", " Boy Next Door ", " Bengawan Solo " and  " Besame Mucho " amongst many.   When I heard the songs, I simply fell in love with them. 
8 February 1970.   We heard the news of her passing on, swept by strong waves on a beach in Terengganu, Malaysia.  She was never found.  I can't remembered how I felt at that time.  But when I grew older, particularly when I was getting into music and writing songs, I recalled Susan's songs and missed her.  Amongst all the memories of the sixties music, I cherished Susan's crystal, beautiful voice most.  Like many, I miss Susan dearly.
How The Song Was Written
1 Jan 1997.  I had just completed writing " Lee Raja & Toh " in Dec 1996, a song tribute to Singapore's Ministers who led Singapore in 1965 when Singapore became independent. I wanted to write a song about another Singaporean hero/icon.  Susan Lim immediately came to mind.  She was Singapore's best singer...ever !  
I wanted to mention some of her hit songs.  So I had weaved " Besame Mucho " and " Silver Threads and Golden Needles " into the lyrics.  I also ensured that her surname " Lim " and the band " Crescendos " were mentioned to make it distinctly clear that the song was about them.  Those were the few key words.  And so I wrote and pined.  For a wonderful singer who had gone too soon. 


SUSANShe was a very special ladyReady set and poisedTo capture the hearts of a nationWith her extraordinary voiceShe was all we’ve wantedAll…we’ve hadLife has never been the sameSusan we can’t forget
On a portable gramophoneI would spin those forty-fivesThose days of the sixtiesWere the best moments of my lifeSilver threads and golden needlesThis poor heart it can’t mendFor a part has gone amissingShe’s no longer with the band
Chorus : And I could Besame Mucho all day longShe had stolen my heart with her songsMy world is in limbo…how shall I carry onWhat am I to do…now Susan’s gone
Susan with her CrescendosShe meant so much to meUnpretentious crystal magicalHow I love to hear her singShe was all…an angelAll…a dreamFor all the songs you sang usWe thank you Susan Lim
She was all…an angelAll…we’ve ever hadAll…the sweetest soundWe never will forgetSusan...we can’t forget
Copyright 2012
by David Wee